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Full-Service Foundation Restoration in Windsor

Proper foundation maintenance is essential for preserving your home's structural integrity. Our Structural Repair Team has gained the experience, skills, and equipment needed to undertake a wide range of structural repair projects over the years. Signs of structural damage include:

  • Slopping of floors
  • Beams that are sagging
  • Cracked floor joist
  • Cracks in drywall/walls
  • Window panes with cracks
  • Windows that are difficult to open
  • Issues with opening and closing doors

If you find the problem early on, your foundation may only need minor repairs. It is important to inspect your foundation on a regular basis for signs of problems. Windsor Waterproofing provides foundation repair in Windsor with the knowledge and experience to permanently repair your foundation.

When you need assistance with either foundation repair Windsor or structural and water issues, consider all of your options before deciding on a waterproofing company. Windsor Waterproofing offers comprehensive structural assessments to help you decipher the problem with your foundation. We also offer free estimates and references, and our waterproofing contractors always deliver on time and on budget. All our work is backed up with transferable warranties as well.

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Foundation repair windsor
Foundation repair windsor

Foundation Settlement Assesments

Foundation settling happens when the ground surrounding your foundation shrinks or when the soil was not well-compacted prior to your home's construction. When the soil dries out, it pulls away from the foundation, leaving the walls unstable. If the soil was not correctly compacted, the structure's weight would compact it even more, forcing the foundation to sink lower. Either of these conditions can cause settlement, which can be detrimental to your home's masonry or brick foundation.

As an experienced foundation contractor in Windsor, we can inspect your property and identify your foundation settling problems that are causing damage to your foundation. We also have access to qualified masons who can perform any necessary brick and masonry repairs.

Foundation repair windsor

Foundation Settlement Assesments

Uneven flooring, fractures in bricks and foundations, water leaks, and difficult-to-open windows are all signs that your foundation is in need of repair. If you see any of these faults, please contact Windsor foundation repair. Windsor Waterproofing has long been the go-to company for foundation repairs and restoration in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Our professionals can spot issues and give proven remedies to restore the value and integrity of your house. We believe it is your obligation to ensure that your home's foundation is properly maintained, so constantly be checking on your foundation.

We offer foundation repair services for a wide range of foundation issues, including rotting foundation walls, crawl space leaks, fractured foundations, basement leaks, and more. Our skilled waterproofing contractors will collaborate with you to ensure that your project is finished on time and within budget. We understand that common foundation issues can have a detrimental influence on the value, appearance, and comfort of your home. Our foundation repair and restoration services are designed to totally restore your property's structure to its most secure state.

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Windsor Basement Waterproofing Contractors

We specialize in all things foundation and basement waterproofing. For help with a leaky basement, contact Windsor Waterproofing today.

Identifying Issues with your Foundation

Any faults with your foundation can appear overwhelming in the early stages; but, if you are able to identify and fix the issues before they become too advanced, the majority of the problems will have simple and long-term solutions. As a result, we always recommend that homeowners inspect their foundations on a regular basis for indications of trouble.

Some of the common issues are:

  • Cracks
  • Basement water leaks
  • Cracks on the inner or outer walls
  • Windows and doors not operating properly

Foundation Crack Repairs

It is also vital to inspect the foundation cracks at the outset, as some can cause serious damage to your property. When you see a crack or break in your home's foundation, call our experts to take care of it. We can assess the situation and offer you dependable answers. Cracks can arise for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Excessive load
  • Frost damage
  • Changes in temperature
  • Concrete curing

Call us before the foundation problems escalate into a more costly repair. We have the experience and skills to restore the foundation of your home with the highest care and concern. We use cutting-edge procedures and tools to keep your house safe for years to come.


Is Windsor foundation repair covered by insurance?Unfortunately, most foundation damage is not covered by homeowners insurance. Common issues such as minor foundation shifting or ordinary wear and tear, for example, would not generally be covered.

Is foundation repair worth it?The short answer is: Yes. Foundation repair is definitely worth the expense. Especially if caught early on, foundation repair will save you from major costs down the road. If you leave your foundation crack or problems unattended, they will grow and can jeopardize the structure of your entire home.

How are foundation cracks repaired?Interior epoxy injections are the most common kind of foundation crack repair. Epoxy and polyurethane crack injections are used to seal foundation cracks in this approach. If done properly, the process is both dependable and cost-effective.

Is foundation repair necessary?When your foundation sinks, settles, or cracks, foundation repair is required. When a house is originally built, it is supposed to "settle" into its foundation gradually over time — this is simply the building responding to its environment, and should not cause any problems if built properly.

How much can foundation repair cost?Depending on the severity of the problem, foundation repairs can range from $500 for minor cracks to $10,000 or more if hydraulic piers are required. The average homeowner spends between $2,012 and $7,074 on foundation repair.

How long does foundation repair in Windsor take?Foundation repair usually takes between two and three days, although in some circumstances, it can take longer (such as when deeper footers are required or when more excavation is needed).

What happens if the foundation is not repaired?Secondary difficulties are caused by foundation issues. For example, if your foundation is weak, your house may settle, resulting in cracked walls, uneven flooring, doors that won't close, and a variety of other problems.

What are foundation repair services?Our foundation repair services restore your foundation walls and floors to a robust and structurally sound state, free of any cracks or imperfections that would otherwise cause leaks, wetness, and home instability.

What kind of cement do you use to patch foundation?All-Purpose Cement: When in doubt, all-purpose cement is a popular option. This is ideal for repairing foundation walls, laying sidewalks, creating steps and setting posts.

What type of foundation repair is best?Steel Piers. Most structural experts will recommend this foundation repair for your property. This is a strong and tried-and-true way of stabilizing a foundation that has begun to shift or sink into unstable ground.

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