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Basement window wells are not only aesthetically appealing, but they also serve two important functions: providing natural light to basements and allowing for emergency egress in the case of a fire.

Basements are usually dark places with little natural light. This is due to the fact that they are typically built below ground level, so window placement is difficult. Window wells allow for sunshine into basements, which helps define the space and makes it less dark and gloomy. They also makes the area more accessible to use if other lighting systems fail.

Besides from being appealing, window wells also provide a safe escape route in basements. In case of a fire, they act as an egress that allows people to leave the home safely without having to go through thick smoke. They can easily be opened which allows for easy emergency access.

Window well installation is an excellent investment. They provide a lot of value, whether it's additional light in your basement or an emergency exit. For window well installation, contact us now. Our experts are qualified and experienced, and they're prepared to offer you with quality services.

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windsor window well installation
windsor window well installation

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Window wells are excavated and built around the basement window. They can be made using concrete or steel, depending on the manufacturer. Concrete is the most popular material for window wells. This is because it allows light to pass through while still providing a firm barrier against dirt and moisture outside.

Concrete window wells are typically created by building metal forms attached to the house's foundation wall with anchors and screws. A pre-made metal unit is placed in the forms, and a concrete mix is poured into them. The window well is then finished with waterproofing material to prevent water from accumulating in it after curing.

Are window well covers necessary?Window Well Experts recommend that all window wells be properly covered. When it comes to the benefits of window wells, practically all of them require a robust, leak-proof cover in order to be fully utilized.

What are window well covers used for?Window well covers should be considered by homeowners who are interested in regular maintenance. While there are other types available (mesh, plastic bubble covers, grill-type, etc.), their purpose remains simple: to keep debris out of the window well by providing a physical barrier between the well and the environment.

Why is my window well filled with water?The common reason why your window well is filled with water is because there is no drainage system, meaning there is nowhere for the water to drain, or the drainage system is clogged.

What are window well liners?Window well inserts are the most convenient method to turn your basement windows from plain, uninteresting metal to an appealing vision of your choice! Features: Weather-resistant material with fading-resistant UV inks. Peel-and-stick fasteners are included for simple DIY installation.

Are window wells a good ideaThat's where window wells come in: these reinforced pockets of shovelled-out earth surrounding basement windows let in more sunshine. Window wells, with the correct construction and drainage system, can actually help drain excess precipitation and snowmelt away from a home's foundation.

Can you cover a window well with a deck?Egress Window Wells are approved to be constructed beneath decks and porches if the location of the deck allows the emergency escape window to be fully opened and provides a way to a yard or court that is at least 36 inches (914 mm) in height.

Can you cover a window well?Window well covers are sheets of material, typically metal or plastic, that fit over window wells to keep people and animals from falling in. They're also intended to avoid rain and snow from pooling in window wells, which could lead to basement flooding.

Can you extend a window well?When the lip of your window well is too close to the ground, it is more likely to fill with water. As a result, one reason to use a wrap around window well riser is to raise the height of your window well.

How deep do you put a window well?How deep should a window well be? A window well should be approximately eight inches deeper than the window sill and six inches wider than the window aperture.

How does a window well work?Window wells are designed to fit into an existing well. Window wells are curved or rectangular galvanized steel or polyethylene shields that attach to the side of the house to support the ground while keeping trash, leaves, and dampness out of the basement window. Window wells only aid in the removal of garbage and moisture at ground level.

How do you put a drain in a window well?A basement window well french drain is installed by digging a trench and placing perforated drain pipe radially around your window well. The drainage water will then soak into the soil through the corrugated tubes.

What size window well do I need?To achieve optimal use, your window well should be properly sized: Your window well should be deep enough to extend at least 8" below the bottom of the window and high enough to extend 4-6" above the soil grade. The width of your window well should be at least 4-6" bigger than the width of the window opening.

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